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WTS: ELCAN DigitalHunter Riflescope (DHDN) from

This is one of our ELCAN DigitalHunter Riflescope (DHDN) that was part of a salesman demo.  The scope is in flawless condition, as are all the papers, just the box has been opened. Selling it for $1359.00, saving you $441.00



  • To enable the active night vision, varieties of infrared flashlights can be utilized. For more effective range you may also focus the active night vision to a spot. As two of these IR Flashlights are attached to your rifle/firearm, it’s possible to have identification ranges of up to 50 yards and likely even farther in absolute darkness. The AIM Famous Maker Tri-rail Mount Riser is a very effective flashlight mount for most firearms.
  • At night, active night vision enables mostly varmint hunting (where legal) and covert surveillance. The IR Flashlight’s power density and power determine the effective range.
  • When utilizing the near infrared more light becomes available to the scope for brighter imagery in low light scenarios. The Low Light mode displays the near infrared light (that you can't see but the scope can) and all the available visible light improving the scope’s performance right up to 30 minutes before & after civil twilight.



Magn: 2.5x -16.5x
Video Recording Rate 15 Hz for 20 seconds at QVGA resolution
Memory Secure Digital Card
FOV at 100 yds 36.4 feet (2.5'); 5.8 feet (16.5')
Operating Temperature -4° F to 120° F (-20° C 49° C)
Operating Time >4 Hours at 77°F (25°C)




Customizable Reticles
Four Field Selectable Reticles
Day / Night Mode
Electronic Ballistics Compensation
Automatic Video Capture



If you are interested in this ELCAN DigitalHunter Riflescope send me an email to [email protected]