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Would Like some Idea's Where to Hunt in PA

I was thinking on Planning a trip Next year to PA for Bow season , And Rifle Season , Any Hints on where to go or where to Stay ?? I thought there might be some People on here to Give me Some Hints Thanks So much Wey in Vermont my email is [email protected] Thanks any Help would be Appreciated Vermont

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Would Like some Idea's Where to Hunt in PA


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Would Like some Idea's Where to Hunt in PA

I have always found deer - big and small, bucks and does - in one very special spot...it has trees and forage and other animals, it is called (Insert drum roll here) THE WOODS!!!! yup, every deer i shot was in the woods, just trying to help out a fellow hunter lol

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Would Like some Idea's Where to Hunt in PA

Wow "hunter rich" that was so informative, I was totally captivated by your intellect. I bet that "Wey" was so happy that you decided to help him. I think that you may have forgotten a few things, but it is a common mistake for a HALLOWEENER.

I was born & raised in Pa. If you want to shoot a big buck - go to Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 3A. It includes Potter County, it's what we call "God's Country" around here, it is one of the best counties you will find in Pa to hunt. Actually, any of the NorthCentral Counties are excellent, McKean, Tioga, Bradford, & Potter are excellent choices & are all included in WMU 3A along with 9 State Forest Game Lands.

I don't know what your budget is, but this will get you started.
Here are a few links for you to research:


P.S. Halloweener - a hunter that dresses in a pumpkin orange suit 1 time a year to visit the "woods" on the 1st day of rifle season.

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Cove Creek Lodge

Check out Cove Creek Lodge.

I'd highly reccomend Cove Creek Lodge. It's located is in the southern part of PA. Nice private wooded location. Very comfortable lodging They have husky trophy whitetail and a great fishing spot right beside the lodge.

Another good place is Pine Tree Trophy Whitetails

Pine Tree Trophy Whitetails is also located in the south central part of PA. Pine Tree has wide open natural game land (including corn, rye, and alfalfa fields) as well as clear-cut and wooded areas.

Happy Hunting,
- Bubba Lucky

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