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Would like to learn to Deer Hunt in Michigan, suggestions?

I don't really know too many people who actually hunt around me, however it is something that interests me greatly. If anyone has any suggestions as to which route to take in order to start in this sport I would appreciate it. I'm 20 year old at the moment so i wont have issues with age restrictions. If anyone has any advice I'd be ever so grateful.

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Would like to learn to Deer Hunt in Michigan, suggestions?


This is the link to your states hunter education course. You MUST pass this coarse before you can buy a hunting license. I would suggest that you do the classroom coarse as opposed to doing the workbook or online type. While in the classroom you will have the oportunity to ask questions. The people there should be able to point you in the direction of public hunting oportunities and possibly even special mentored hunts. Join a local gun club or sportsmans federation. Go to meetings.....people will be happy to help you out if you ask.

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Would like to learn to Deer Hunt in Michigan, suggestions?

When I first started out I didn't really have anyone to teach me either. I found the best way to learn (without anyone to help, which is the best way) was to read every book and magazine I could find and then spend a lot of time in the woods and observe and apply what I had read. It took quite a while and LOTS of mistakes to become a descent deer hunter. But I wouldn't have done it any different. It's been very rewarding and I'm still learning and making mistakes. I learn something new every time I go out. Be patient and enjoy every moment you are in the woods and never get caught up in having to always be successful. Remember if it was easy it would be no fun. Good Luck and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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