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Woodman's Pal Review

July 2010 Product Review:

Woodman's Pal Review

Seven decades is a long time. When it refers to a company's existence, it is very uncommon. When it refers to the continuous production of a single invention, it is almost unparalleled. In 1941, Frederick Ehrsam wasn't thinking seventy years down the road. He was simply trying to design a tool that would replace the unbalanced, bulky and often unsafe machete used by professionals in the forestry, agricultural and horticulture fields to clear brush and cut trails, and his innovative Woodman's Pal did just that. Read more...

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Pretty expensive

It is a good useful tool, but it's still a machete.  Personally I don't think it's worth $100+, but that's just my opinion.  Still it is a good tool and has more uses than just cutting brush.  Would make for a great jungle or tropical survival tool for opening coconuts and such.

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