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I'll have to disagree with

I'll have to disagree with some on here about a ATV spooking game animals out of the area.  I have sat on a hill and watched deer and even elk as a ATV or a truck has passed within 50 yards of them and they haven't moved a bit.  They may of perked up some and watched the vehicle drive past them but then they went back to feeding.  ATV's running up and down hills anymore is so common that the animals are getting used to them and really don't consider them a threat.  But that doesn't say that driving off of a road or a legal trail alright, it is still illegal.  The last two cow elk that I have killed here in Colorado have been within 50 yards of a road and people driving by.  Also a lot of elk hunters say that you need to get back in away from all the roads to kill or find elk.  I have proved that idea all wrong.  Just about all of the elk that I have personally killed have been fairly close to a road, and my biggest bull was only 75 yards off of a road.  Now I have had to pack a couple of them a long ways but that was my problem for not putting the shot where it belonged.      

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