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Wolf Video Good Watch.

Good info inThis Vid.







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Good info. I don't mind

Good info.

I don't mind seeing or hearing a wolf when I'm in the park or even out in the Madison, Gallatin valleys, but you have to manage them or SOON you will not have enough elk, moose, deer, etc.  The average age of the cow elk in/around the park has ~doubled in the last few years, when those elk die you will see the numbers take an even more sudden dive.

It sure seems simple enough math but I guess that the greenies have a way of skewing the facts and the average 'animal rights' activist is too programmed or lazy to really get informed.  I guess when the ungulates of the park are placed on the endangered species list then they will fight for them. Confused

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I agree good video

I got this email last week and hope they have cleared a way to Delist them once and for all.

Yesterday, was hopefully, the final epic push towards nationwide delisting of wolves, so that Each State can manage wolves without lawsuit, without continued Federal process mismanagement and allow each state to protect game herds, livestock, pets, and rural jobs.
Yesterday, Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson of Utah, Leonard Boswell of Iowa, Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Dennis Cardoza of California and Mike Ross of Arkansas joined Republican Congressman Denny Rheberg of Montana, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz of Utah, Greg Walden of Oregon, Raul Labrador and Mike Simpson of Idaho, Dean Heller of Nevada, John Kline of Minnesota, Don Young of Alaska and Paul Broun of Georgia as the Original Co sponsors of the what was known last session as HR. 6028.
With animal rights extremists filing litigation to force wolves into every US state, Congressional leaders have seen the disastrous outcomes of wolf over populations in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Minnesota. Congressional leaders in surround states realize and can see the need to proactively solve this problem for each state, and let each and every state manage all wildlife as they have done successfully for the last 100 years.
In similar legislation a few years ago that exempted state hunting license allocations from the Interstate Commerce Clause Act, Senator Reid of Nevada stated four things in his testimony considering that legislation that are exactly parallel to this legislation: State are best equipped to manage all wildlife, hunting is an important part of the rural economies, sportsmen and landowners have invested tremendous amounts of money to restore game herds, and time is of the essence.
The animal rights groups will fight this biologically sound, economically important, and public opinion supported legislation tooth and toenail. It is their agenda to use wolves as a biological weapon to end ranching and hunting in the west. These extremists do not care about wolves, they do not protect wildlife habitat, they simply use the courts to win HUGE settlements of public funds because of some technical error.
32 Different state fish and game agencies, filled with literally thousands of professionally trained biologists, have all gone on record supporting Congressional Action to return wolf management to every state.
We encourage EVERY SPORTSMEN, LANDOWNER and SMALL BUSINESS person in AMERICA to join with us at www.biggameforever.org and help us fix this, just one of many, examples where Federal Government over reach and courts are destroying business, jobs, and now even America's cherished wildlife populations on our great public lands of America.
WE thank these bi-partisan Democratic and Republican leaders who see the need to solve this important problem to 10 plus million big game hunters and America's ranchers and farmers, and all the small and large businesses associated with the hunting, tourism and ranching economies.

Don Peay,
Founder SFW

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