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wolf DNA project


I'm starting a project looking at wolf genetics (relatedness within and between packs etc.) in Alberta and BC and would be very interested in acquiring muscle tissue or small pieces of hide from any wolves that you may trap/hunt/or find. The project will be focussing on the areas adjacent to Banff and Jasper including the foothills, however samples from anywhere in BC or Alberta would be appreciated.

To add some incentive I would be willing to travel to pick up the samples and have access to a beetle colony for skull cleaning. If you provide me with a skull with some muscle still attached I would remove some flesh for DNA analysis and clean the skull (this also allows me to age the animal from tooth wear). I would return the cleaned skull to you free of charge, or add it to the university collection if you don't want it. It's important that any samples be frozen to preserve the DNA prior to me picking them up. I may have some funding to provide a small payment for these samples.

Also, I will be snow tracking wolves during the coming 2 winters so would greatly appreciate any info you may have on pack locations/sizes in the study area.

My email address is [email protected]



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