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Wisconsin Ban on Baiting Continues in 24 Counties

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Wisconsin Ban on Baiting and Feeding Continues in 24 Counties

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Wisconsin Ban on Baiting Continues in 24 Counties

I don't like the fact that the DNR has to put bans on these kinds of things. But I do think that most people don't consider the consequences of feeding deer, especially in the winter. Most people don't realize that a deer can die of starvation with a full stomach of corn. The best thing you can do in winter to help the deer is keep trails packed down -with a snowmobile or such- so they have travel/escape routes and cut branches and trees so they have a supply of natural food types. The problem with this is most people who feed don't have the means or inclination to do this.

I don't necessarily oppose baiting, but some people who put out huge amounts of feed are going over the top. I know the jury is still out on whether baiting really can spread CWD, but I do believe that high concentrations of deer in a small area has the potential to cause problems.

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