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Winchester power points/soft points

I have a hunting buddy that has always used win power points and wouldnt think of hunting with anyhting else. They are pretty deadly out of his 30-06, but he always ends up losing lots of meat on the exiting shoulder. I used power points out of a .308 on a doe once and again the exiting shoulder was just hanging by a vein.

Has anyone esle experienced this or is it just us?

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Winchester power points/soft points

Power Points are more fragile than Core Lokts and blow-up almost as easy as Sierra's aerodynamic Game King.

If you want to tame down the hollow-point like performance of Winchester's Power Point, just upgrade to a heavier bullet.

The same principle holds true of my favorite deer load using a 30-06. I like the high-shock of Nosler's Ballistic Tip (BT), but want to tone-down the explosion of this heavy duty hollow point, so I simply upgraded to a 180-gr. BT and now the bullet has complete penetration with above average expansion / explosion.

FYI - Nosler says that beginning with the 30 caliber 180-gr. Ballistic Tips (and larger), the jacket's profile is changed or upgraded to a much stronger contour similar to the AccuBond (shown below). The lead core is also hardened over the 165-gr. and below bullets for less violent explosion and far deeper penetration.

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Winchester power points/soft points

I don't beleive what you describe is a "bullet " problem
I don't beleive it is a "shot placement" problem
My theory is simply this::
Rarely would you encounter a deer that is standing at a perfect right angle to you. Rarely would the animals front legs be perfectly aleigned with the rest of the body. In a perfect senario a bullet entering between the 4th/5th rib would exit between the 4th/5th rib.
As you sit and read this move one arm slighting ahead/behind the other and notice the difference in shoulder aleignment.
A few years back I took what I beleived was the perfect rib shot on a broad-sided deer about 60 yards away(and I actually did) I recovered the 150 gr Nosler BT,perfectly mushroomed in the lower part of the neck. You obviously have no control over the bullet when it leave the barrel and no control of the bullet when it decides to deflect upon entrance.
Yes' I already know that the heavier the bullet, the less deflection..

What did the DOE HOE say in the morning?

" I'm not doing that again for two bucks"

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Winchester power points/soft points

Big holes mean dead animals fast. I'm willing to sacrifice blood shot meat over losing an animal any day. I don't belive that there is a bad deer bullet on the market. Realize that the corelock, slivertips, powerpoints and interlocks WERE the big game bullets of the day (and are still good). Years ago when young and poor (still poor) and didn't reload I killed a bunch of deer with the old remmy corelocks.Todays bullets just look prettier and won't kill dead any deader.

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