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winchester power point 150g for the 7mm rem mag ?z

is it a good round for hunting
is it better within 200 yds or can it reach out and kill something past that
does it share an even mix of penetration and expansion
does it have hyper velocity that will just shoot through a deer rather than mushroom

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winchester power point 150g for the 7mm rem mag ?z

High velocity does not make a round shoot through a deer. The 150 grain grain power point is excellent for deer-sized game out to 400 yards.

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winchester power point 150g for the 7mm rem mag ?z

Bullet type and construction have more to due with the expansion of a bullet than vel. although vel. is also a factor. Example, a varmint bullet going 3500 fps may only penetrate a few inches before fully breaking up whereas you could put a FMJ (full metal jacket) bullet through an animal at very slow speeds because it doesn't expand at all.

The bullet you are looking at is fine. I would look for a more premium bullet such as a nosler partition, trophy bonded, etc. if I was choosing for myself. The powerpoint was what I used for my 308 win and I found it seperated at close range so I switched to a core-lokt (before I reloaded)and was happy. Now I load up partitions for the 308 because I have a lot of them around right now.

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winchester power point 150g for the 7mm rem mag ?z

Winchester's Power Point is a good bullet for deer or light-skinned game. It opens up a little quicker than Remington Core Lokts and like the Core Lokts, are not too aerodynamic, but adequate for what you're looking for. This is NOT to say they don't get the job done - because - they do just fine if the bullet is matched to the game.

The 7mm's .284 caliber 150-gr. bullet @ 3,090 fps is a little heavy for that caliber and it's penetrating power or Sectional Density is close to that of a 180-gr. 30-06 bullet, which usually has a MV of 2,700.

Remington Core Lokts in 140-gr. are also available; they are comparable to a 30-06 in 165-gr or a 270 Win in 130-gr.

Happy hunting! Let us know how you fair in the fall hunts.


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