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Winchester Model 70 .300WSM or....?

Looking for a new rifle...Local shop has a good deal on a few worth looking at...

I've narrowed it down to one of the two following rifles:

Winchester Model 70 Ultimate Shadow chambered for .300 WSM, with 3-9x40mm optics. (2004, NEW) 24" barrel, 6.75 lbs, Capacity 3+1

Savage Arms 111FXP3 with AccuTrigger chambered for .300 Win Mag, 3-9x40mm optics. (2005, NEW) 24" Barrel, 6.75 lbs, Capacity 3+1

Obviously there are pros and cons between the two. Local shop has both of these rifles, as described above...both priced at $399 US.

I have no first hand experience with the new WSM's, but the ballistics and efficiency are quite intriguing...actually a split hair faster than the .300WinMag and using 7-10% less powder!
BUT, I already have dies for .300 Win Mag and the trigger system on the savage is pretty trick.
Both guns are synthetic, blued barrels, identical optics (read CHEAP) on both guns... The rubber grip areas on the Winny are comfortable, and add a little more to the "evil black look."

I should also add the gun will be used for as much as possible (read RARELY) for bear and elk in N/W Washington.

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Winchester Model 70 .300WSM or....?

My brother has the exact winchester that you are looking at and he loves it. I like it but not crazy over the stock because it feels flimsy to me. The gun is accurate enough though for any big game you want to hunt. The savage would be my pick of the two mainly because of their accuracy and a damn fine trigger system. The stock is basically the same as the win.... flimsy but most of the reasonably priced synthetic rifles have those stocks on them and they seem fine. As far as calibre... there really is not enough difference to mention. Short action vs. long action has never been a strong enough argument in my mind. There are a couple of things where an extra inch makes a difference Oops! but not in cycling a bolt action. You'll enjoy either rifle.

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Winchester Model 70 .300WSM or....?

I like the 300 Win Mag and either rifle should provide many hours of accurate shooting.

Walmart sells the M70 Shadows for $398.

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Winchester Model 70 .300WSM or....?

I had a savage111 in 270 it didnt have the accutrigger but was otherwise the same and i did not like it at all! action was sloppy and it felt like a piece of junk. it was very accurate though. this year i bought the model 70 win. in 300 wsm and love it. however i wish i had bought the new model 14 savage in 300wsm

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Winchester Model 70 .300WSM or....?

i have a savage with an accutrigger. i no complaints about the gun. trigger really does help with accuracy

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300 WSM

I have a Win 70 Utimate shadow that I sent too Hill Country Guns to have accurized and a KDF Muzzlebrake put on it.

One of the most accurate rifles I own, this will print close to .050" @ 100 yards. with my handloads. Super gun with the 300 Win Mag performance!

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Winchester Model 70 .300WSM or....?

As to the two cartrige choices, you won't be able to tell the difference across a canyon. My choice therefor would be the Winchester because I believe it is a better made rifle.