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Winchester Closing New Haven

I called Winchester Corporate HQ this morning to check on production schedules for Model 70s (I've had a .325 WSM on back order since November). A couple weeks ago they told me my model would hit the warehouse in June. This morning they said HQ just told them that effective March 31st they're closing the New Haven plant and ending production on Model 70s, Model 94s, and 1300s -- and that back orders won't be filled. I asked if they're moving production elsewhere and they said no. However, their other models will still be on the market.

This blows me away -- it's like McDonalds saying they're going to stop making burgers in order to focus on their salads.

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Winchester Closing New Haven

U.S. Repeating Arms is getting out of the business of making Winchesters. The Winchester models that will be available are going to be made in Belgium and Japan. Remains to be seen if someone else will buy up the tooling and continue production of the '94 et al.

Here's a link to a newspaper story about it.


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Winchester Closing New Haven

Damn.... I didn't think I would see the day that winchester was no longer. If the winchester firearm can disappear, we better be aware that our sport could as well and start fighting for it at every opportunity.

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Winchester Closing New Haven

USRAC isn't just getting out of the business of making Winchesters. They actually have liquidated and shut down operation completely. Herstal Group who owns Browning, Fabrique Nationale, and USRAC has the liceanse to use the Winchester name until 2007.

Olin Chemical Corp who makes WInchester and Western ammunition owns the brand name of Winchester, and as you all may know, was the manufacturer of Winchester firearms prior to 1980 or 81. At that time Olin shut down it's firearms manufacturing operation and allowed USRAC to make and use the name brand on it's guns.

While I love Winchester guns both new and old, it's a fact that true Winchesters really haven't been made since Olin shut down Winchester in the early 80"s Cry