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winchester 100 rebarrel

I have a winchester model 100 simi auto in 308 cal would like to rebarrel to a 358win does anybody know of a gunsmith that could preform this type of work thanks for any info

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winchester 100 rebarrel

Well, I will respond to your question.
I would try to talk you out of the conversion. I own more guns than I need according to my wife (I still have a list of more needed). I am not a person that has guns that I do not use and hunt with (collection for value). The model 100 in 308 is one of the all time classic hunting rifles. The cal. has taken many a deer and bear. When I was a small lad my dad took his 100 in 308 to Newfoundland and shot a moose and a caribou with it! I really do not see what the advantage would be in the conversion.

Well that is my 2 cents worth any ways, it is your gun do what you want.

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