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Will we ever have a lion season in CA?


In my old neck of the woods...

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Unless you can find a way to

Unless you can find a way to drastically change the political climate in your state then I would have to say that no you will never have a season for lions.

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Good article Andrew.  read

Good article Andrew.  read about that when it happened.

Unfortunately, I don't ever see it happen.  Too many bleading hearts out there.  The only way they change their mind is if it eats one of their pets or something.

Heck, did you see that one up in Berkely last year that was shot by the cops as it hopped from backyward to backyard?  People actually help a candlelight vigil and built a temporary memorial to the cat.  Too funny.

More importantly, how's the turkey scouting going???? Thumbs up

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It's really getting scary

It's really getting scary when you see how many people are putting animal welfare ahead of human lives!!!

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