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wild game processors per state

Is their a book or a list somewhere for each state to help locate wildgame processers? In the Oklahoma State hunting guide their is such a list divided up in counties. But looking at some other states I have found nothing.Got to be something better then word of mouth.  

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Around here it seems to be

Around here it seems to be some different ones every year.  A good many of them are converted garages at someone's residence.  They don't advertise much and they are seasonal.  As you said, often it is largely word of mouth.  I'm always nervous about it every time I've had to use a new one, but they have generally always done a good job.

There are relatively few large established, year-round, full-service meat cutters in my part of the state.  I've learned to save their business cards and receipts because they can be hard to find when you need one.


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