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WILD COUNTRY #1 Rio Grande Bowie

I have been doing collaboration piece with myself and friend and finally have our first one done,myself doing the knife and Chuck Burrows doing the sheath work he is known for.
A little background...
Chuck Burrows of Durango Colo. is a world known leather worker with his expertise being historical and frontier work. He specializes in custom, hand made Old West Leather Goods and Frontier Trappings are based on the traditional designs and use the construction methods of the period from approximately 1740-1920.

This made to custom specifications based on period correct designs and construction techniques for an authentically made item with no two items ever being exactly alike. All of our work is to be historically correct and of museum replica quality of a certain time period AND be pieces you can actually use just like everything from High country knives..
If you are a SASS member,Mounted action shooting competitor or simply like usable history in camp this new collaboration piece is just for you.
WILD COUNTRY #1 Rio Grande Bowie
Rio Grande Bowie (High country knives and Wild Rose trading company collaboration)
Blade is 8inch, Forged W1 steel with false edge on spine. (Convex edge)
Hand carved file work
The Handle is Hand carved Rawhide wrapped Elk crown with a domed and antiqued 1908 ,20 dollar silver eagle as a end cap inset into the crown.
Sheath is rawhide over bark tan with a brain tan cuff with historically correct iron tacks. The bead work is antique beads along the welt and throat of sheath.
It is period correct of 1850 era
This is a tough user piece from chopping kindling to fine delicate skinning and a very nice balance as a fighter.

Inquiries can be made by messaging me here on the forum or emailing me at