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WI Bear Licenses for terminally ill/disabled children

If you are interested in donating your 2004 bear licenses to a terminally ill or disabled child please let me know. We have until August 1, 2004 to file the youth Transfer Application with the WI DNR.

We at USSA have granted over 300 hunting and fishing wishes in 2003 to these special kids and I would like to double that number in 2004.

You can reach me directly at (800) 518-8019 or by email [email protected] I would appreciate everyone spreading the word about donating a bear tag to a terminally ill or disabled child. For a lot of them this is their last wish and I could use your help by donating bear tags and if interested taking these WONDERFUL KIDS bear hunting.

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WI Bear Licenses for terminally ill/disabled children

Hey Brigid, this is Rusty from TEXAS. Guys who read this, Give this some consideration. I have hunted with Brigid and the United Special Sportsman Alliance and personally applaude this organization for helping the terminally ill or disabled children. I have been the camera man to capture these events on film and co-host them on T.V.

If I had a bear tag, I'd give it. Now if you want some great hog hunting, Brigid come on down to Texas.

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