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Why hunt on a preserve?

What are your thoughts on hunting on a preserve?

The past few years I haven't had much luck hunting whitetail so I thought about reserving a hunt at a nearby preserve. However... I'm in it for the thrill, the excitment and anticipation ... I like a challange. I'm afraid I'll spend upwards of $1200 to have a buck handed to me. Are the hunts too easy?

Secondly, what's important when choosing a hunting lodge/preserve? What are the signs of a poorly run outfit? What are the signs of a well run establishment?

Thanks for your guidance.

Happy Hunting,
Bubba Lucky

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Go to Canada

(Sorry for the late response, but I just read your post)
I had the same problem last year. No deer for years, and I am bouncing around on public land since my uncle sold his property a while back.

I looked into preserves, but I did not get a good feeling about it.. . . A hunt club that I was considering was $500/year, but it seemed all the deer were spike bucks or does. A "semi-guided" deer hunt in Missouri would run $700-$1200 with a stay in a motel or lodge and would follow state-wide rules (not a fenced-in area)

I booked a bear hunt in Manitoba instead. It is not gauranteed, but my outfitter has ~95% success. It was a long drive, and cost $2000, but worth it.

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