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Who shoots a Howa

I bought my son a Howa in 7-08 as his deer/elk gun. How many of you have one in 7-08 and what factory rounds did you find shot the best, were the most accurate from that gun?

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Hello, Congrats on the

Hello, Congrats on the purchase for your son. We have some Vanguards that are made by Howa and are very accurate rifles. We don't have any 7MM-08's but from what I read about the caliber they're very accurate. Good luck and enjoy the rifle. PaLuke

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I have a couple of 7-08's,

I have a couple of 7-08's, but my Howa is in 7mm mag and 223

for the loads in 7-08 look at the 140gr bullets (I do all my reloading). Any thing with in 250yds will be dropped.

Good choice of caliber and gun.



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I have a Howa in .270 and I

I have a Howa in .270 and I can tell you that it is a very accuarte rifle.  Shoots great I just have other guns I like so it does not get much field time.

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I have a Howa

duckdog98 wrote:

I bought my son a Howa in 7-08 as his deer/elk gun. How many of you have one in 7-08 and what factory rounds did you find shot the best, were the most accurate from that gun?

I have a Howa in 7mm Mag and it shoots factory 175 gr TBBC's from Federal very accurately. One interesting thing I found out recently is in regard to the type of crown is on a rifle and this pertains to any rifle. I started reloading for my Howa 7mm Mag this year and found that with every thing I tried I couldn't get better then 1 1/12 to 2 inch groups. Since it shot the Federal factory ammo so well this had me pretty frustrated. I had tried Interbonds, Accubonds, Sierra's, and just couldn't get better then that. About two weeks while visiting our gunsmith I recounted to him the trouble I was having and after I shared with him the good performance with the the Fed. factory ammo and the poor performance with the loads I tried he pointed something out to me. He asked what kind of crown I had on the rifle and noted that all the recipes I tried I used boattail bullets. He also noted that the TBBC's were a flat base bullet. He said a certain crown cut (can't remember the term he used) is not good for boattail bullets and has to do with how the gasses escape while the bullet leaves the barrel. If it's an 11 degree angle it can affect the flight of a boattail. He said if that's the problem I could try one of two things, either I could pay him 50 bucks to get the crown recut to an angle better suited for boattails or just reload and try some flat base bullets. Being I didn't have fifty to spend at the time (on gun stuff anyway) I acquired some 175 gr Hornady Interlocks cooked up some loads and voila, was back in business. First minimum load was still 2 inches, but that was out of a cold clean barrel. Next middle load was a perfect inch, and the next max load was a perfect 3/4 inch group. Which was followed by two more. I may still get the crown recut when I have more funds, but for now I've found what I'm looking for in terms of hunting accuracy for this year.

Also, another thing to remember is that you can have two indentical Howa 7mm-08's side by side and one can love a certain load and the other will hate it. You just have to spend the money and by different ammos till you find the one your specific gun likes.

Take care!

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i have a howa 1500 7-08

i have a howa 1500 7-08 ranchland model that loves the 150 nosler bt handload.

load data
150 nosler ballistic tip
39.8 grn alliant rl15
rem. brass
cci 200 primer

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7mm 08

i got my wife on in 7mm08 we shoot the 139g hornadays

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Who shoots a Howa

Thanks for all the replies... Sounds like I'm just gonna have to try several different combinations.

SoCoKHntr thanks for the details. I never thought about something like the crown affecting different bullet types, but I guess it makes sense. I will be sure to give some different bullet styles a try also.

Thanks again



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Howa 7-08

I bought my daughter a Vangard youth rifle in 7-08 - same action as the Howa. I've got her shooting it with Remington 140 gr corlokts, both the standard load and the reduced load. It's a light rifle & she really appreciates the reduced loads for the lower recoil. Both will shoot into less than an inch when I can control the less than exciting trigger (Hey - I bought it for her. I should at least get to shoot it sometimes!). She's got a youth deer tag this year (her first). I was originally thinking of using the reduced loads for practice, stepping up to the standard loads for the hunt. Remington advertizes that the reduced loads are satisfactory for deer to 200 yards. She's telling me that the deer needs to be 100 yards or less for her to shoot (we'll see when the time comes) so I think we'll use the reduced loads. Being her first season, I don't think she needs to have any hesitation or worries about recoil in the back of her mind & she can burn up close to a box of the reduced loads in an afternoon without complaint.

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reduced recoil loads

thanks hal fast for the reply. I had not really entertained the thought of a reduced recoli load, but that may be another round to try.

Congrats and good luck on your daughters first hunt.

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