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Whitetail Deer!!!!! The Most Dangerous Animal In the United States?

I just thought this would be an interesting topic to post on here. The whitetail deer causes more deaths than any other animal. When I first seen this I thought it was a joke. It is actually a true statement. This takes all things into consideration, like car accidents caused by whitetails that causes deaths. That is how they came up with the number that whitetails causes the most deaths.

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no surprise

That doesn't surprise me.  When you  have that many animals in a relatively small space, things happen.  Whitetail tend to live in a lot more populated area than mule deer and the deer - human interaction is much greater, whether it's accidental or planned.  Any time the number of animals and the number of automobiles is great in a given area, there will be issues.

Another issue is the sheer number of hunters out after whitetail vs. mule deer.  If you have ten times more hunters chasing whitetail, you have ten times the chance of accidents and/or physical issues such as heart attacks. 

I would like to see the fatality numbers proportionally.  How many deaths per 1000 encounters with whitetail versus 1000 encounters with mule deer.  I'm guessing the percentage of whitetail issues is much greater than mule deer, but I could sure be wrong on that one.

Did the study say how many deaths were caused by direct contact between the animals and the humans?  Like how many times the deer actually killed the human? 

One thing I have found out over the years is that statistics can be misleading.... or they can be made to support just about any hypothesis.

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yeah well with CARS!

Ok I guess this makes sense IF you include automobile collisions but it sure does seem misleading!

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Totally makes sense to me,

Totally makes sense to me, figuring in the accidents. 

But, Moose collisions, while more rare, are more likely to be deadly.

Wonder how many die in moose accidents.

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I didn't see a link to any

I didn't see a link to any article, so I don't know where these figures have come from. I have a friend who is a policeman, and he has seen hundreds of car-deer collisions, and has never seen a person killed as a result. I'm sure that it occasionally happens that a person loses control after hitting a deer and hits a tree or another vehicle. I can also imagine that if a deer goes through the windshield it could kill a person inside the vehicle (though that doesn't happen very often).

If you were to include insects, I'm guessing that the bee kills more people than a whitetail deer - but that's just a guess. Confused


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It would be nice if you could

It would be nice if you could post the link to the article that goes along with this. I definitely agree though as I know of two people for sure that have died as a result of car accidents involving deer. Out here just swerving to miss one as most people are apt to do could send you over the edge and several hundred feet down to a canyon bottom in many places. Hitting an elk can be even more disastrous as they can total a whole vehicle.