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White/silver deer or elk pelts?

I have recently purchased two very large tanned pelts that appear to be some sort of deer - however even after seeing deer from coast to coast I've never quite seen a deer that is colored like these pelts, and was wondering if any experienced hunters would have an idea.

Both pelts are various shades of white/silver and have very thick, longish hair/fur. One does have a bit of the yellow/tan coloration you see in most deer species, but it has much more white/silver with black ticking than any deer I've seen. The other pelt has slightly shorter hair (but still very thick) and is more of a silver color with a light black ticking. They almost remind one of a Husky dog's coloring. They both have what appears to be the remainder of a deer tail on them, so I'm fairly certain they are some sort of deer - but none that I've seen before.

They are very nice pelts - some of the nicest of any species that I've seen. I'd sure love to know WHAT they are, though.

Ideas, anyone? The pelts were purchased in Tennessee but from a dealer that travels all over, so it's a bit of a toss up as to where they came from. Locals seem to think it's some sort of "foreign deer" (their words, not mine).



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White/silver deer or elk pelts?

Sound like an exotic of some sort.

Can you get some pics posted?

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White/silver deer or elk pelts?

Sounds like it could be Mule Deer if not an exotic.