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Which gun should he use?

My younger brother was going on a youth hunt a few days back and he is in an aera in monroe county Wv and it is very brushy. In the aera I set him up to hunt there had been all kinds of does in the days before.He took the 30.06 but i told him the best move would of been to take his 20 gauge he go for christmas and used it. The aera he was in was not clear outside 40 yards so i sugggested the 20 but he took the 30.06. Which one do you think would of been a wiser move? And he did end up getting him a doe.

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Which gun should he use?

I think he would have been alright with either. But, at less than 40 yards i would prefer the 20.

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Which gun should he use?

Be careful! Some states do not allow hunting deer with a shotgun. I prefer a .308 or a 30-06 rifle.

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Which gun should he use?
HUNTNFISH43 wrote:
Be careful! Some states do not allow hunting deer with a shotgun. I prefer a .308 or a 30-06 rifle.

I think there are more states that do not allow High Powered rifles than ones that disallow shotguns. Most states outlaw the use of Buckshot, but I'm not aware of shotguns as a whole being banned.

That being said I don't know what the advantage of taking the 20 gauge would have over the 30-06. Given the choice I would always choose the 06 over a 20 slug.

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Which gun should he use?

Id say the 30-06 ...just cause I think the 30-06 is an awsome deer rifle Wink

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Which gun should he use?

Wonder how much meat was busted up,thats another factor.I have an -06
and pretty well every deer I've taken so far, I've lost a lot of meat depending on the angle of shot.In the fore shoulder forget about that meat.I don't go for blood shot busted up morsels hehehe.take em in the upper neck or head.A 1 when this is done. Wink But if this was his 1st deer It really wouldn't matter.
This is the stuff that makes future hunters:Keep off streets-Keep in woods Wink I remember my very first deer(6 pt) and an old Lee Enfield 303 army rifle,I was only 15 then many yrs ago and remember it like yesterday.it was snowing those big ole quarter size flakes and I came upon this little opening where I knew there was a wild apple tree full of apples 2 weeks before.I looked for the tree and happen to notice something move out of the corner of my eye.It was about 15 yrds on the edge of woods,head to the ground.My heart and head started pounding like a big bass drum,started to shake,got gun up took aim and was shaking so bad I had to take the gun down.then the sweats started I was in one h-ll of a mess.all this time that ole boy froze and looking straight at me.I was about 10 min.getting gun back up.I had the bead on em everywhere from his horns to his chest,finally I just couldn't hold any longer.I don't think I even aimed at that point ! "BANG"
I couldn't see through the smoke and snow flakes all I knew he was gone??
I started walking on wiggley legs,heart in my throut,drum pounding the hell out of my head.I spotted blood about 10 yrds from where he was,looked like a bucket full on that snow.followed this in thick under brush and there he was in a heap.I poked him,he didn't move ! I knew he was mine.I aimed between the eyes,hit him in the chest.Now you can imagine what kind of mess my father had when he came to clean him.I had even forgot how to clean it.The best day of my life Wink Big smile Cry :-?

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Gun Barrel?

Hey all, I'm new here, and I would like to ask your opinion on something. I'm about to purchase my first rifle, and I've narrowed it to the Remington 700 BDL (possibly the Savage 116 weather master). I want a synthetic stock; however I'm back and forth on the barrel. I originally wanted a stainless; however my buddy doesn't like stainless because he thinks the reflective surface would/could scare of the deer. What do you think? Do you think a stainless barrel would be too reflective as opposed to a black matte or a blued barrel? I would appreciate your tips....greatly!

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