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Which .44 is better?

Please help,

When I hunt now I use a scoped 30.06, but I'd like to buy and start carrying a .44 also. When I'm really good with the .44 I plan to start leaving the .06 in the truck.

But for at least a year or so I figure I'll carry BOTH my rifle on my back and the .44 in a shoulder holster (If nothing else, good backup for a tight spot).

Herein lies the dilema, Members of my local gunclub are selling these two guns:

1. Ruger Red Hawk 7 1/2 inch blued. Minor holster wear. $300
2. Ruger Super BlackHawk 10 1/2 inch Stainless. Close to new condition. $350

Pricewise, the SBH seems a better buy. And I prefer stainless. However, at 10 1/2" it is ONE HEAVY MOTHER!!! Which would you buy, and why?

Thanks for your time!


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