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Which .22 do you prefer?

My wife wants a little semi auto .22 - I want a little semi auto .22 that's REALLY accurate.

Here's what I've been considering:

1. Browning Buckmark
2. Ruger MarkII
3. Hammerli / Sig Trailside ($200 more!)

What do you think?

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Which .22 do you prefer?

I have the Ruger. Great little gun.

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Which .22 do you prefer?

While not on your list, I would take nothing for my lil Marlin model 60. I can shoot 24 out of 25 12 ga shotgun shells at 25 yards with it using iron sights. At $109.00 it is very good bargin.

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Which .22 do you prefer?

I have to agree with J. That marlin is one bad to the bone, accurate, cheap, dude. Also the tube feed hold's more shell's than a ruger 10/22 rotary clip unless you can find a 30 round banana (if it's legal) clip.
You can throw that thing behind the seat of a truck, & a month later pull it out and shoot it. The one I had though, would jam a lot using the remington cheap ammo, (You know the ones that come in a over sized milk carton)but I switched to CCI's & they work great.
The only thing I found it can't take is a truck being roller over on top of it.

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Which .22 do you prefer?

I have a buckmark. It is a great little gun. I have shot Mark II's before and even though they are also a solid gun, I belive that the buckmark has a smoother action and is more shooter friendly. Mine is deadly accurate but as with any handgun, practice is a major consideration in accuracy.

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Which .22 do you prefer?

Accuracy is similar, but I think the Browning has some small advantages:
-Adjustable sights (may have to get upgraded versions in Ruger for this)
-Clip release button (Ruger has a latch that must be moved, requires two hands)
-The chamber on the Browning is accessible from both sides, easier cleaning than the Ruger's single ejection port.

I LOVE my Ruger MKII (mine is a target version with adjustable sights), in fact I think it's the best selling of all 22 autos, but the Browning is more shooter-friendly.

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Which .22 do you prefer?

I personally shoot a high standard, but in shooting a ruger with the bull barrel it put 9 in the 10 ring. Now my buddy won't let me shoot it an more. for the price you can buy a few rugers compared to the hammerli

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Which .22 do you prefer?

I've had one of Ruger MKII's with a 5 1/2" bull barrel for going on 20 yrs. Shoots good. Easy to hold. Some ejection problems but not very often. Usually when I dont give it a good cleaning. Needs to shoot copper coated 22LR.

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Which .22 do you prefer?

the ruger 10/22 is a nice gun. just sometimes have problems with lead bullets jamming up. great for the little kids

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I've had several 22 autos over the years and to be honest, I have loved them all.  But if I could only have one 22 auto, I'd choose the Ruger 10/22.  I have found it to be very reliable and straight shooting.  It is short, easy to carry and lightweight.  I have a scope mounted on mine and it does everything I ask of it. 

BUT, the most accurate 22 rifle I ever owned was an old Remington single shot.  It wasn't fast, but it sure could drive tacks.  Good luck with your new rifle.

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I love my Ruger MKII!!  I

I love my Ruger MKII!!  I have the 5 1/2 inch bull barrel (my second one) and it is more accurate than I can hold. I shot at a running snowshoe hare at 20 yds and hit it three out of five shots! Once you get that heavy bull barrel moving it keeps on moving!.  My only complaint with the Ruger MKII is that it is a pain in the rear to take down and clean!