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Where would you use 6pts in Colorado?

I currently have 6 points for deer in Colorado.  I plan on using them next year on a DIY Archery hunt.  I have my eye on a couple units that I know have big bucks 21/30 and 61.  I was wondering where you guys would “spend” 6 points on a big archery muley buck?  I would have used my points this year but the army saw fit to send me to Iraq for the 3rd time.  

I'm interested to see where you guys think the big bucks are.   

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6 points in Colorado

Conrad (Lou) aka Archery hunter33,

Welcome to BGH! Thumbs up You have several choices being a resident and knowing several areas well. If you are wanting buck of a lifetime with a bow I would hunt unit 61. If you are willing to chase him with a rifle I would hunt unit 30 3rd season or unit 62 3rd season.

On a side note, I hope everything is going well over there and we hope you get home soon.


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I think you're looking in the right direction

There's two things you might want to consider though:  elk hunting pressure and deer protection.

What I mean by deer protection is:  are the deer that are supposed to be allowed to grow to an old age being killed by hunters in non trophy units?  That's my big knock on deer and elk hunting in 61 and 62.  The boundary has nothing to do with biology, and the animals frequently cross it, only to be harvested.

21 and 30 are great as they protect their deer well, but you have OTC elk hunters to deal with. 

Units like 66 and 67 might make more sense for you and are on par with those units in terms of trophy potential, and they control the elk hunter numbers. 

I didn't catch whether or not you were a resident and that might matter if you wanted to hunt unit 2 or 10.  I'm guessing nonresident, in which case I'd think about 66 and 67, as 2 or 10 are out of your point range.

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