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Where to hunt Spring turkeys in SW Montana?

My wife and I just moved here last year. I love to hunt spring turkeys, but I just have no idea where to go. I live in Butte and there doesn't seem to be a turkey within a 150 mile radius. Anybody know of any place you might direct me to? I hear of turkeys out in the Missouri Breaks, but that's a long way from Butte. Any other suggestions? Brick Wall,)

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Where to hunt Spring turkeys in SW Montana?

You ARE in a pickle, eh Brick Wall,) ? Try taking a drive down to the Big Hole, I have read about a population down there. According to my maps, though, looks like you may want to prepare for a bit of door knocking, permission asking, though. Dress nice and take a truck load of Fruitcake Thumbs up I do see some BLM on the south side of the river, but if I see it, so can anyone else. I have no idea whether the population is worth a dang or not, but I dont know how many options you have. Plan a trip out to east Montana, I saw about 10 standing in a field yesterday morning Evil! . Sorry, had to. Send me a message, maybe I can work on getting you onto some land in the fall. Prepare for a drive though. I live almost as close to ND as you can get!!!

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