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Where to hunt Mule deer in NM ?

I am looking for a place to hunt Mule deer for my son and myself this year in New Mexico. Were would be a good area to start looking ?

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Where to hunt Mule deer in NM ?

My dad and I have been hunting New Mexico for a few years and have seen some really nice bucks. I suggest looking to see what area of New Mexico you plan to attend. We have hunted area 17 which is now all draw hunts. Now we hunt in area 16. We saw some great deer last year during the rifle season. I would say to see which weapon you want to hunt with and then decide if you want to hunt in draw areas or non draw areas.

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Where to hunt Mule deer in NM ?

My father and I live in New Mexico and we hunt in unit 31. It is a very good hunting unit. We have killed a buck every year.

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