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Where do you hunt?

In the Majority of Western states,Antelope hunts are either wrote up as "BUCK" or "DOE".Antlerless describes Deer and Elk hunts for the Female of the Species.In Nevada,N.D.O.W.has hunts for Antelope with HORNS,"Longer" than the Ears and for Antelope with HORNS,"Shorter"than the Ears.But if WE "ALL" think about it,Antelope have "HORNS"not Antlers,RIGHT??? Good Luck---

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Where do you hunt?

Antlerless was a bad choice of words. Should have just said female or doe.

The females can have horns but they are not big and usually just amount to nubs.

Some lopes have antlers, don't forget the jackalope family.

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Where do you hunt?

Hey it was great hearing from you all!!

I have seen doe antelope with small bumps and that's all they amount to.

All I know is I can't wait till October, so I can use the ol' 2506 to slay a goat!

Happy Hunting!

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