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where do you buy your hunting clothes?

also, i will need some new boots for the cold weather hunting this fall. what kind do you recommend for a first timer. the guides in colorado suggest all leather....no fabric/gortex...i noticed that cabelas has some danner boots. anyone wear these?

comments are appreciated.

thanks. scott.

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where do you buy your hunting clothes?

Depends on the conditions. If you are going to be hunting later in the season in the snow above 7k or 8k feet, then leather is good. However if you are going to be hunting october or early november below 7k (or so these are just rough guesses) feet there can still be some warm, dry days, where a breathable nylon/cloth/gortex boot will be a lot more comfortable for packing around.

If you do get leather, remember to treat them with water repellent (usually something parafin based that you heat/rub in) to break the boots in a bit and prevent water absorption.

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