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When is a dog to old to hunt??????????????????????

When is a dog to old to hunt?????????????????????? i know it sound dumb but my dog still has the hart to hunt and i think she cant hunt any more.

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If you think your dogs too old, then i think it's safe to say she shouldn't hunt any more.

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When is a dog to old to hunt??????????????????????

if she can still make it to door by the time you get there I think she should be allowed to go .I have a male dog thats been treeing bushytails since he was a tiny pup .He is 14 and real slow but I still enjoy hearing him tree . Yes Yes Yes

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When is a dog to old to hunt??????????????????????

That's a good question. Before I had a family - the answer was simple - if my dog was a hunting dog - she would hunt up to her dying day. And my first dog did - leterally. I carried her off the mountain when she collapsed; she died the next day. My second dog I carried home after she collapsed - fortunately she didn't expire - and is still with us. But she's 12 or so - and I know if I take her out again, I'll carry her to her grave - and it would be very painful for my family.

But there are several flip sides to this - my second dog will still die, any day, and since I can't take her hunting, it will be at home, which is in my opinion even worse.

And the other flip side is that my 10 month old just died - hunting. Argh - not even a year old - probably congenital heart condtion. So I have carried all three of my dogs out of the field.

I guess if the dog shows up at the door with tail wagging - take `em - but realize it may be a one way trip. And be prepared to break the news to the rest of the gang when it happens ... not fun at all.


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