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what's your wishlist?

We'd all like to get a bigger example of the animals we hunt - bigger racked white tail, mule deer, and moose for starters. But do you have a species that you haven't had the opportunity to hunt yet, or that you have hunted but not yet collected?

Black bear tops my list, followed by caribou and then a whole slew of African game.

What is tops on your wishlist?

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which one(s)?

I'd have to say that I'd most like to collect an inland grizzly or coastal brown bear. Knowing what those typical hunts entail, along with their costs, I doubt very much that it will ever happen. I did see a nice big grizzly while hunting black bear in Alaska and it was, perhaps the best thing ever on any hunting trip I've ever been on. It was high on my hopes list, just to see a grizzly, when I was looking forward to that hunt and knowing we were in big grizzly country. Again, likely it will never happen, but I can always hope though, right? Thumbs up

Of course, the game I've hunted, I would also like to take a nice black bear. I've seen some very small ones that could have been shot and have now been on three bear hunts altogether, without taking one as yet. So, I really would like to whack a nice one at some point. Yes

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me too!



I thought that I was the only one left in the world who had seen small bear and let them go!  I’ve been on two baited bear hunts and a trip to Alaska where taking a bear was an option as well as having spent years hunting deer in bear country in NY.  I saw bear on both of the dedicated bear hunting trips but only small ones and I just wouldn’t be proud to show off a bear that was smaller than I was.  I dearly want a big black bear skin rug, but only one big enough to lay down on without my feet hanging over the edge.  So the bear has got to be at least six feet long and outweigh me by at least a few pounds!


I think this trophy is actually attainable for me (and for you too!).  The one that will likely always elude me is the African lion.  I know that some folks have no interest in the big cats, but to me – standing on the ground and facing the king of cats would be an awe inspiring experience.  I think there is good reason that lion hunting is the ancient sport of royalty.  To stand under the African sun and take the top predator in his own habitat - on his ground would be just amazing to me. 


Unfortunately, these days I think only royalty can afford it.  So it is not likely that I will collect the big beast any time soon.  But like you said, I can always hope, right?  You never know what the future might hold, so I’m not giving up hope!

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For me I would like to stay

For me I would like to stay right here in New Mexico and be able to hunt and at least have the opportunity to kill oh maby a desert bighorn sheep, or a rocky mountain bighorn sheep, or a NM ibex, or even an antelope. 

The problem I have is I live in NM so my chances are slim to none to draw a tag here Confused , so I will keep giving the state my $$$ every year just for the fun of the anticipation of the draw.  Dancing

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no harm in trying

There's no harm in trying!  Good luck!

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I would like to try for

I would like to try for whitetail in Alberta or Saskatchewan, Caribou, or Argentina for a combo Red Stag and Waterfowl/dove hunt. 

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What's your wishlist?

My wishlist is an Alaska slam.  I've got the bears covered, but would like to get a decent moose, caribou, dall sheep, and goat.

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I'm Green

... with envy at some of you guys who have traveled around and have hunted in some places that I would call, "exotic".

  Africa, New Zealand, even Alaska is a far piece from Michigan!

  Right now my wish list starts and ends with a trip to Wyoming for Mule Deer next fall. If you've been reading any of my other posts, you may be getting tired of hearing that.

  As I have also previously said, my wife and I love to fish together, so that takes up a lot of our free time. Being an hour from Saginaw Bay doesn't help; the walleye fishing has been out of this world!

  Add to that the annual camping trips with some of our kids and grandkids, and that takes up most of the rest of our free time (and money).

  I hope you guys get to check some things off your wish lists this year.

  We'll keep each other posted on how it goes.


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