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whats your take on it

The Forums have been kinda quiet and I thought I would get it going a little.
Some freind and myself an ogoing debate over buffalo hunting. Oh not this agian Iam sure that what some of your are saying but I am undecided on the matter. I agree that some ranches offer hunts in corrals with domesticated Buffalo (they come to you thinking you will give them a treat or something) and that this is not hunting. However I due agrre that if done properly it no different then wild buffalo hunting. Like 500+ acres, gazing food only no additional feed given, No human interaction (people petting and taking pics witht the animals).
So what is your take on this?????

I figure I'll get the first licks in. In Uath I believe it is Resident Only Hunt but on Antelope Island there is buffalo hunting and I know quiet a few Residents who would love to get a tag is this okay. Even thought it was stocked by the State of Utah theres no fences the animals are still captive in a single location. Right or Wrong

Same topic different species, tureky I hunt turkey on several private properties one being 680 acres, one about 3000 acres, another about 2800 acres. The state of Idaho stocks turkeys in the area whic I shot and the properties have fences on them. Right or Worng

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whats your take on it

Even Buffalo in thier natural enviroment that never see humans are not a difficult animal to kill,my father went on a buffalo hunt on the Crow Indian Res. one of the last remaining herds that are not transplanted animals,as wild a herd of Buffalo as exists in N.America and they were not very wiley,the bulls actually came out of the herd and aproached them on horseback.My point is that even a domesticated herd in a small enclosure is no more difficult to kill than they are in the wild,so with this particular species I believe the argument about fairchase is mute.As for ANY other species i am totaly against canned hunts in enclosures.

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