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My favorite rifles

For plinking and general pracice I have a Rem 541-T that will shoot just about any brand of .22 LRs into 2" at 100 yds. It has 3-9x centerfire rifle scope and the same length of pull as my hunting rifles, so it is good for cheap practice shooting.

For mainly varmints, but I have shot a few deer and antleope with it, I have a Mauser Mark X in .22-250 under a 10x Weaver, that I custom stocked in fancy walnut.

For deer and antelope size game, but also is good for larger varmints and I have also killed several mountain sheep, a mountain caribou and one of my largest bull elk with it, is another Mauser Mark X chambered in .257 Ackley. It sits under a 6x Leupold and I also stocked it in fancy walnut.

My new all around for almost everything rifle is a .300 Weatherby Vanguard that wears a 4-12x Leupold, and again, I stocked it in fancy walnut.

My foul weather back-up rifle in a Rem 700 BDL in 7mm Rem mag that I just put a Nikon 4-12x BDL scope on. It's a stainless steel barrel and action in a synthetic stock that I fully bedded then floated the barrel and lengthened the stock to fit me.

Then for dangerous big game, but has also worked well on down to 30 lb antelope is a Rem 700 BDL chambered in .375 RUM. It's also a stainless steel barrel and action, and I put it in a custom laminated stock.

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My #1 is a hi-standard 30-06

My #1 is a hi-standard 30-06 feather weight 

tc encore 7mm 08, 50 cal muzzle loader, near future 45-70

for coyotes mini-14 ranch rifle 

for turkeys a new try-star raptor 12ga simi-auto it was for my 50th birth day 

always the 30-30 for backup on anything

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just added

I just added a couple to my collection...

marlin lever action 45-70

marlin lever action .444

savage pump action 30-30

colt anaconda 44 mag

Now I just need to find some ammo