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What's your favorite hunting knife?

At 33 years old now, most production knives of my generation are usually made of some type or grade of stainless steel. Hence all but one of my knives are 420HC, 154CM, or S30V stainless steels. I've typically used Buck knives, Buck Vanguard, Buck Crosslock, and the Buck 110 folder. I own one older hunting knife with a hammer forged blade made of some type of high grade carbon tool steel. I finally used it last season to dress a bull elk. Though the carbon steel discolors with contact of blood, I'm amazed at how easy this type of steel is to re-sharpen. I'm also amazed at how sharp this steel can get. I'm talking razor hair splitting sharp with little effort. Wow!!! I'm starting to think that the newer and more innovative products aren't really much of an advancement over the traditional materials used. Those old timers really knew how to forge a high quality blade of excellent steel. Thumbs up

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What's your favorite hunting knife?

Well i really prefer the buck knives personally, but I have heard great things about the older knives as well, my ex only would ever use gerber.......

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What's your favorite hunting knife?

I have 11 carbon steel Schrades (Old Timers) of various sizes and shapes. Some of which are 40 yrs new. I don't use them for anything except hunting and keep them clean and free of rust.
I've tried a few of the various stainless steels but, none of them have come close to the carbon Schrades.
Last Christmas I was given a high end, 4 knife hunting set of stainless blades. I had a h*** of a time getting an edge to hold. The carbons take an edge in about five minutes. I recommend carbon to anyone that wants a good dependable knife.
I gave the 4 knife stainless set to a young man that thought they were cool.

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What's your favorite hunting knife?

I cant say I have much experience with various knives but I inherited a Buck Akonua from my dad. Hes still alive but he told me since I have the nice knife I had to do all the cleaning neener! As far as the blade is concerned, it takes a while to get a razor sharp edge but its takes a lot to dull it as well. Gotta watch those finger tips Thumbs up

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What's your favorite hunting knife?

Carbon steel here.

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What's your favorite hunting knife?

Most of my knives are Buck also. The most versatile and useful I have found for deer is the CrossLock. Has all you need to take care of all the task of dressing your deer plus very easy to use with one hand. I recently bought a Cutco hunting knife and so far pretty impressed.

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What's your favorite hunting knife?

Russell Belt knives made about ten minutes from my door. here's the link


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What's your favorite hunting knife?

How did I miss this! Number one knife was always a Schrade. Wasn't a better knife made for any money. Carbon steel is all everybody says it is. Never had much use for Buck's, hard to sharpen and don't hold edges well. But know I have two Bucks; a folder thats a nice one and a belt knife; don't know the model. Do know that is doesn't have that old beveled edge that made them so hard to sharpen.

Had a Puma Hunters Friend years ago but lost it. Beautiful but expensive. Also have a "Track" that I designed myself, carbon steel and my kid got it somehow?????

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