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What is your favorite archery hunting boots?

In warmer weather I've always hunted in tennis shoes as I feel I'm able to stalk better and stay quieter. Since moving to the Rockies now I'm looking to possibly change over to a hunting boot next year if I can find one that will still allow me to stay quiet in the woods while giving me better water resistance and ankle support.

I'd appreciate some recommendations and short explanantion as to why you prefer specific hunting boots over another.

Would be looking for a warm weather hunting boot. What height of boot would you recommend, insulation, waterproofing, anything else that makes them standout as a better choice?

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Most of the time when I have

Most of the time when I have been bow hunting in Colorado I have been wearing some Cabela's Mountain Hikers, but they discontinued the ones that I have and replaced them with another boot. They were great when there was no snow on the ground. Now if there is snow on the ground I'll go to my regular hunting boots which are high top leather and water proof boots.

For stalking which I like to do I will usually take my boots off and put on one or two pairs of heavy socks which let me feel the ground that I am stepping on. Now doing this I have had to look for my boots and pack for a while after I either shoot the animal or come back after a blown stalk but that is part of the fun of the hunt.

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my favs

danner Jackal™ II GTX or danner pronghorn

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Moccasins for still hunting.

Moccasins for still hunting. Hunt like an indian.  Big smile

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I'd recommend kenetrek boots.

I'd recommend kenetrek boots. I tried Lowa and Meindl and did not do well with them. http://www.longrangehunting.com/store/kenetrek-boots.html

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