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What would you like to see in a scouting video?

I realize that the reason the TV and hunting shows don't spend much time showing the scouting process is because it's probably a little boring. But is there something you'd want to see in a more educational elk and mule deer scouting video that would hopefully still have some entertainment value?

Is there something that generally isn't well illustrated or articulated that could be done either with video or a series of stills and some voice over?

The basic outline of the video will be in four parts and will encompass unit selection, remote scouting, on the ground scouting and hopefully some hunting success if we do our part right. In other words: How did we select this unit? How did we narrow down our focus within the unit? What are we looking for when we set foot on the ground in the hunting area to validate, disprove or disregard a specific drainage or region of a unit to hunt in? And finally, can we put it all together, culminating in a successful hunt?

I realize that those looking for something informative, won't expect quite the same amount of killing and action as with your run-of-the-mill hunting videos, but how would you still make it entertaining? I don't want to put together a range plant ID video, coupled with some live animal shots, but I do want to cover some good, in-depth habitat stuff that you probably haven't seen before.

Any suggestions?

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Just about any video of a

Just about any video of a scouting/hunting trip should be interesting.  I do like you idea of why you picked the unit to hunt and why you are looking at the area that you are interested in.  Perhaps the equipment list along with the number of people out scouting.  A lot of it could be boring stuff for some people but I enjoy watching or looking at new country and can spend hours just looking though a spotting scope trying to locate that one animal that you know has to be there. 

Good luck with the project.

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I too like the idea of why

I too like the idea of why you choose the area.  I also would like to see what you look for in an area and once you found the area what to look for more specfically.  Example would be where to look for bedding and feeding areas within the choosen areas.

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I would like to see in the

I would like to see in the video the summer scout trip or a scout trip that is early in the season to help show why you chose that area. What to look for that may give you the idea that there are animals in that specific area. Since I only Rifle hunt at the present time more info for the rifle hunters.(if that makes sense) And above ALL(for me anyways) the fair game PURSUIT and harvest or no harvest. IMHO                            Thank YOU for asking.

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After you pick the unit, One

After you pick the unit, One of the most difficult things is finding access into good public land hunting areas.Using topo ,blm , forest maps along with talking to the county, blm and state dow along with thr local biologist that works the area can tell you whare game tends to hang out and where some of those burn area are located. The state leases land to hunt on and if you dont ask then your SOL. 

I seen a Tred Barta CO hunt one time and he briefly touched on finding some access into locations.I thought that part of the show was great.

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I would like to see animals,

I would like to see animals, by that the ones your scouting and watch them grow through out the year. I'd be happy with that.

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I would like...

In addition to some of the things mentioned I would like to see either an animation, map, or something that illistrates the animals movements along with weather, temps, and time of day.  Where are they watering, bedding, and feeding in relation to each other?  How far apart are there?  Where are they from week to week?  I'm seem to always be starving to learn more about the animal in addition to seeing footage of the last 30 seconds of a hunt.

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In addition to what r_b_h had

In addition to what r_b_h had to say, I'd like to see examples, both on maps and correlating field locations, of where elk tend to go when the pressure is on. What drainage they would be expected to use and why? Sounds like a big undertaking for one video. Maybe a series of videos. Look for to buying one/them if they're made.

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That would be a great video.

That would be a great video. I would really like to see information on habitat. It's the most confusing thing to me when I am looking for animals. Why are they here but not over there. Why do they use this corridor but not that one. I'll buy a copy for sure.

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You get it put together and

You get it put together and you got yourself a customer Pardner!

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