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What type of bugle are you using?

What type of Bugle are you using to call that monster Bull?

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I quit using a bugle about 5

I quit using a bugle about 5 years ago.  There are way too many other hunters out there and you just don't know who is calling back to you.  I actually watched two hunters call back and forth for around two hours before one of them realised what was going on. 

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I use a Wayne carlton bugle

I use a Wayne carlton bugle even though I hardly use it.  like Critter mentuioned to many other guys bugling in the woods.  I usually cow call more often.

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A Bugle Is Just Another Tool...


    A bugle is just another tool in your arsenol of getting into an elk.  While I somewhat agree with the above posts, a bugle can be very handy if used correctly.  I used to use a Primos Terminator until I heard a buddy of mine bugle using only a diaphram call and a grunt tube.  While the Primos bugle is easy to use and sounds decent, it does not quite have the same realism as a diaphram and grunt tube.  Now I use a primos diaphram and a grunt tube from Carlton Calls.  If you practice enough there are many different bugles you can do with just one diaphram.  You can also do a cow call into the grunt tube and it sounds much more realistic if done correctly.  My brother uses a Carlton Calls bugle and it sounds pretty good too.  The reason theirs works so well is because it actually has a diaphram inside the little box and a lever that acts like an artificial tongue to manipulate the pitch.  It is quite a nice little set up.  I know you didn't ask for advise on the use of a bugle but because the above posts have suggested not using one I'll give some of my two cents.  First, bugle when it is still dark, especially early in the season when the elk are only vocal early in the morning and after dark at night.  I find it pretty helpful to be out in the woods after dark and bugling to try and locate elk.  A lot of hunters try to be back to camp by dark and I think that is a big mistake.  Even if I am at camp at night I'll drive out and walk the road along different drainages mewing and bugling to give me some sense of what the elk activity is like in the area.  I will also use a bugle when trying to get a bull elk wound up.  There are times when you can be sure you are hearing a real elk and if you let go of a non-aggressive bugle you can get him all upset, especially when used in combination with a hot cow.  That bull will think another bull is encroaching.  There are other good times to use a bugle but in the interest of time and space those are the main times I use it.  Like the above posts, I use cow calls much more.

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I somewhat agree with the other folks who posted.  I use my Primos bugle in situations when I am confident that I am working a bull, and not a fellow hunter.  I had an exciting opportunity several years ago to call in two separate bulls and my bugle played an important role in tagging a nice 5 point satelite bull and having a close encounter with a herd bull two days later.  Practicing with all of my calls is very important to me, so that whatever situation unfolds I can hopefully "answer the call." 


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Primos is my choice of calls.

Primos is my choice of calls. I have to agree with all these posts, cow calling works the best. I have a New Mexico elk hunt in September and all the posted information will be helpful.

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I have a Primos Terminator and a Primos Pack Bugle. I've called a couple of bulls in with the Terminator but I usually carry the Pack Bugle. I use it sparingly since a lot of bulls seem to be call shy if they get hunted hard. I call at first light and right around sunset or later to try to locate the bulls. The rest of the time I cow call. I also cow call before I make those first bugles in case there's a bull nearby. You don't want to run them out of the county. I would also consider bugling during the day if it's rainy and cold. Once it gets sunny and hot, I've had zero luck bugling.

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I have a Wayne Carlton call

I have a Wayne Carlton call also. I didn't use it last year as I hunted the first season. I talked to a couple of guys hunting the same area that didn't have any luck using theirs. But they were only using to it at night to try to locate a bull but no responses. They said some years in the past they have been able to locate bull at night to get a location on them, not trying to call them in. According to these guys in the area they hunt, the bulls have been responsive at night when the weather has been good , ie..no early, heavy snows. But once the snows accumulate, the bulls haven't been responding.

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i use a primos pack bugle and

i use a primos pack bugle and generally only use it to locate bulls unless they are particularly fired up then i will throw a bugle into my calling sequence.

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My own herd

I use two different bugles and 4 different cow calls… all from Primos… Yeah I’m my own herd

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I have a Wayne Carlton bugle,

I have a Wayne Carlton bugle, and 4 cow calls from Primos

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