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What shotgun shell do you shoot

What brand of shotgun shell do you shoot and do you feel it is more effective than another brand?

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My shells

I shoot either Winchester Xpert 3 inch 1 1/4 oz steel, Remington 3 inch steel, or Federal in the same load.  Shot size is from #2 to BB.  For ducks I stick with #2 and sometimes BB.  For Geese I use BB or T.


I chose these shells because of price point and because they work.  Are they the best?  No way, there are loads out there using exotic materials that deliver more density and mass on target, but they will cost you a pretty penny.  These economical steel loads always harvest birds cleanly as long as I do my part as a hunter/shooter.  You have to figure that when you are averaging 2 to 3 shells per bird, the price per shell can add up in a real hurry.

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For my 10 gauge I reload my

For my 10 gauge I reload my own shells, but for my 12 gauges I like the Winchester Xpert and Fasteel.  for my 12 gauge I like 2 3/4 and 3" shells.  I shoot #2 steel at everything waterfowl related. 

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I like Kent faststeel the

I like Kent faststeel the best. I shot everything on the market last year from cheapo federal to blackcloud and Heavy shot. Kent gave me the best pattern and is priced right.

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I'll agree with

I'll agree with Alpine_Archer.  The FastSteel loads seem to pattern super nice out of my Beretta.  Don't shoot many geese so I typically hunt with 3" #3's.

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KENT Fast Steel

I will have to agree with the last two also.. Kent has been the best proforming, best price and most of all, the most reliable shell that I have shot.

My family owns a Goose Club and we shoot alot of shells besides taking at least two trips to Canada and one trip to either Texas or somewhere in the south every year, they always work no matter what...

But I'm sure we will differ on shot size. If I'm hunting timber with alot of tight close quarters shots, I shoot #3's with a skeet choke. But other than that I always shoot BB's through a imprv/Mod or a Ext. Full Steel choke when guiding.....  I know some will disagree but, Hey it works for me.... Wink

P.S. I only shoot 3" shells too..... (If I wanted to shoot a 3 1/2" shell, I would shoot a 10ga....LOL)

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