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What powder and bullets to use?

Im just getting into reloading and but im having trouble in figuring out how to go about selecting a powder for what bullet. I  want to find a powder I can use in three diffrent pistols . I will be reloading for the 357 mag 380, 38 special  and mybe in the near future the 40. I mostly just plink with my pistols and carry one while hunting. confused?

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I reload .357 mag. and use

I reload .357 mag. and use Blue Dot.  Can be used for .38 Spec. as well, not sure about the .380.  However, Unique should work for all 3 plus your .40.  As for bullets, if your just plinking around, look at Oregon Trail Laser Cast Bullets.  A box of 500 costs roughly $55 through MidwayUSA.com.  Good luck.

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For just plinking I like to

For just plinking I like to use Unique for just  about all my loads for the .357/.38, .41mag, and .44 magnums with hard cast lead bullets with the loads below or around 900 fps.  Now if I am going to go to the magnum loads for hunting I'll step up to H110 for all my jacketed bullet loads that I shoot. 

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