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What Kind Of Strings Do You Buy??

See the reason why im asking is because my strings busted off my bow and im trying to find the best kind of strings to buy.

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What Kind Of Strings Do You Buy??

this is a late post...but for the sake of answering..go to your local pro shop with your bow...find out what kind of sting it came with and stick with that.....The pro shop should have the 800 number for most companies and if they are good about customer service...will call for you.

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Try JBK Strings   

Try JBK Strings    http://www.jbkstrings.com/

They are pre streched and the peep don'y rotate like some.  Jeff has great service and will treat you right. The price is not bad neither at $60.00 delivered to your door.

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I put a winners choice string

I put a winners choice string on my bow and love it, I''ve had it for about a year and it still looks and feels brand new. theres no peep rotation or serving seperation. a bit spendy but worth it. I picked the tan and speckled green combo and it looks sharp.

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