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What a freakin birthday! (7/01)

I woke up in a bad mood,It was raining so we couldnt go fishing, chipped a tooth, and then we (my cousin and I) thought we would run to Wally world and to Lowes (price some things to fix my grandma's house up) well, half way there we hit a slick spot in the road going around a sharp curve and hit a ditch sideways, went threw a guys fence, and rolled the truck 2 times! Thank God neither one of us were hurt (BAD), But the body of the truck is totaled!

The guy said "If you can get it to crank take it on up to the house" So I pulled the drivers side door open and climbed in, She cranked right up like nothing ever happened! and went up a STEEP! slick hill which I didnt think it would take in 2WD. We werent at the house 2min. and a dead pine fell across the road were we flipped, The old man went down to see it and said "when your folks come to get ya, theyre gonna swear yall hit that tree".

Had to go for Orientation at Lowes the next day and when I walked in and told my story everybody in the room went bug eyed. They said are you alright? I said "I got hit in the back of the head with a tool box, My cousin (260lbs.) landed on me and Im still pulling glass out of my head but Im okay I guess." I thought the PTC was going to fall out of her chair! She said "omg! and you still came in?!"

I've always loved Broncos but now Im sold on them! You cant kill a FORD! lol 7/01/03 one heck of a 19th B-day!
Another week and It would have marked the 1 year ownership of it.

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What a freakin birthday! (7/01)

Glad to hear your not dead! Might I suggest not trying to outdo yourself on your 20th? Wink