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What do you guys think?

What do you guys think? Is Saskatchewan the most profound state for whitetail? Meaning do the heaviest and biggest bucks live in Saskatchewan?



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I would say any of those

I would say any of those central Canadian provinces.  Manitoba, Sask, Alberta, and even Ontario has produced some real bruisers.

I'd hunt any of them, and not complain.... Thumbs up

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I would have to say just look at the record books and that would give you a good indication that Sask is one of the most prestigious white tail hunting grounds in the world.

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Sask is definitely in the running for one of the best areas for big deer.  

No doubt about that, but "best" is hard to measure up to. 

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Let me say this again...THERE ARE NO BIG WHITE TAIL IN SASKATCHEWAN. It's all a myth propogated by Sask tourism. Save your money - go to Alberta; or Manitoba; or Ontario...or stay home.

I say again:

THERE ARE NO BIG BUCKS IN SASKATCHEWAN. There is also no trophy walleye, pike and we DO NOT hold the all-tackle world record Rainbow Trout.


Lies I tells ya Whistling

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