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What do you do with predators?

Not trying to get blasted, just curious. What do you do with predators? I would like to add another aspect to my hunting, but I haven't learned how to tan hides, and I can't afford to have a taxidermist for a bunch of predators. I'm not much on killing if I can't use something from the animal. I have one deer hide in the freezer and hope to get another one archery season, so I am going to attempt to learn how to tan hides. Is there a place you can sell hides to, or do you usually tan your own and then sell the pelts? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: What do you do with predators?

You can get tanning kits and instructional DVD's from taxidermy supply catalogs / websites, Like: Research Mannikins, or McKenzie, or VanDyke's

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If you can find a tannery in

If you can find a tannery in your area and send them directly that will cut out the middle man (taxidermist) and some some money. I also know people who save the hides all winter and sell them to someone who tans and resales them. Varmint hunting is a great sport get into it.

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If you tube out the coyotes

If you tube out the coyotes and bobcats and flesh them they sell stretchers and you stretch them inside out and just let them almost dry completely. Then just before they are completely dry turn them hair out and put it back on the stretcher to finish drying. We have guys come through our area 2-3 times during the winter and spring to buy them. Also bobcats are very good to eat and there pelts get even more money.

One more thing you need to remember about predator hunting is the fact you are also helping out the deer and elk populations (if you have elk where you are at). Also you are helping out your small game populations also.

Good luck with your decisions. Wink

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Sell 'em

Price-wise, the last couple of years have been pretty dismal, but typically predator hides are worth some money. I'm hoping that this coming winter will see things returning to what passes as normal. They was a day when a winter's take of coyotes could buy you a new truck, but we'll never see that again.

As already mentioned, depending on what is available in your area you could likely sell your kills whole to a buyer who will pay you a low cash price and then do all the skinning, stretching, drying and shipping himself; or you can do all that yourself and get a bigger pay check out of it. A couple of other options are to field skin the critters while they are still warm, then freeze and sell them that way to a buyer. These days, I'm paying a guy to skin my critters, sew up the holes, flesh the hides and wash and stretch them, getting them completely ready for market. He charges $10 a head. Why wouldn't I use him!!!!

Post again, if you have any more questions.


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Re what do you do with predators?

Not sure if you have ever thought about doing taxidermy. But using predators is a good way to get into the business and start. Some people will buy the pelts but you need to have them lined up prior

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Learn to sew furs there a lot

Learn to sew furs there a lot of trappers in Alaska who tan and sew fur clothing. Fur hats and snowmachine/musher mitts bring some pretty good money. you can make them for yourself and family while you are in a learning curve.

As for tanning Van Dykes has everything, books, dvd's, tools, and tanning solutions that you need to learn tan any fur or leather. I tan a lot of our fur for personal use my wife does most of the sewing. I'm still on my own learning curve, it's easy and fun.

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All the hides I collect over

All the hides I collect over the winter get streched until spring then tanned, (April-May) Then they get sold to all the people coming to town for the events.

Soe I have sold as green hides coyotes last winter where 15-25, bobcats is where the moey was last winter over $250.00 for prime green pelts.

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