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What do those of you who use, or wish to a hunting agent, want from a hunting agent?

Hi hunters,


I hope this message finds you all well. I would appreciate it if you guys can give me some feedback.

I am a South African hunting consultant, based in SA.

I am opening an agency that represents Outfitters from SA to foreign clientele. I first hunt with the outfitters to ensure:

-They are reliable in the bush;

-They deliver on the services they advertise for;

-They subscribe to an ethical hunting practice;

-All their registrations are up to date;

-That they deal with trophy and shipment issues efficiently after the hunt;

-That they are professional, transparent, and provide an authentic service;


The BENEFITS of booking through my agency:

-You can be sure of a world-class standard of service;

-You can be sure the areas, accomodations, destinations, and outfitters I represent I have hunted with and experienced myself, therefore the information I relay is up-to-date, recent, and based on first-hand experience (I will not go into contract with any outfitter, represent that outfit, or referr anyone to an outfit that does not meet certain critera and international standards of service);

-There are no hidden costs- it will cost you the same to book directly. If you make use of my transport services to the concession, or ask me to make any extra bookings for before or after the safari, I will charge you at normal booking rates per person and for the transport per vehicle at a reasonable and competitive price. ALL PRICES ARE QUOTED BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR SOUTH AFRICA. You will know exactly what kind of money you will need, there will be no financial surprises.

-I will be here in SA while you are back home in the USA/EUROPE/BRITAIN and I will be within arms-reach of any outfitters you wish to keep in touch with owing to trophies etc. I will be at your call as long as you need it, I will act on your behalf in SA to ensure the progress of your trophies or any other thing related to issues that may occur after your hunt.

-You will have access to all types of safaris and accomodations, from Big5 to plains game and other bush game hunts, from tented-style rough camps to 5-star lodges...All of these Outfitters would have been checked and verified, you will know that the camps and outfitters I reffer you to are accredited and the possibility of legal issues about false advertising, illegal hunting, and bad service and accomodations are minimised drastically because I will be stringent on the type of Outfitters I advertise and represent.


My services:

-Hunting consultation about SA Outfitters and hunting in SA (accomodation, terrain, animals, laws for each state)

-Bookings at lodges/hotels/tours/gamedrives/photgraphy safaris before or after your safari

-Transport/roundtrips from airport to concession when needed (if the Outfitter does not include that in his/her services)

-Advice and up-to-date information about SA gun laws and importation of weapons for the purposes of hunting

-Meet and greet at airport/s when needed or if desired (if the Outfitter does not include that in his/her services)

-Act on your behalf as far as I can to ensure a stress-free hunting trip and visit to SA

-Personal touch and specific working relationships owing to the fact that I will run a small-medium sized agency, you are not a 'number' or 'a cheque account'. I will not abandon you at airports and the like after the money has been sent through. I will be at your call for any furture hunting trips, advice, and guidance, I will be your hunting agent.


Little bit about me:

I have been a plains and bush game hunter for 20 years in SA. I have done one elephant hunt in Botswana where I was the camera-man. I have not shot any of the Big5 yet. I have taken many plains game species and I always choose walk-and-stalk over hunting from a blind. I believe hunting/shooting from a vehicle has it's place, that place is not in the arena of ethical and authentic hunting safaris for foreign clientele who wish to experience a true African safari. I started hunting with a 22.Brno, then moved onto the .223Rem, grew up on the .270win, dabbled in quite a few .30 calibres, but now I live ny the .375H&H. I am still learning about the theoretical and practical data behind reloading ammunition.

I have been a keen hunter since the age of 7. I have hunted most of the areas in SA. I am passionate about ethical hunting as far as the term "ethical hunting" can be universally and simply understood without ambiguity and subjective interpretation.

I will be doing a PH course this year so that I may also guide you on a few hunts when needed, and to be a back up or other as needed by the Outfitter, if I am accompanying you on your trip.

I am completeing a BA degree in Psychology this year that I intended to Master in, but then I woke up and decided to do what I love and not what others like. I love hunting and I am more than happy to accomodate, acompany, or just be around hunters and work in the industry without always pulling the trigger.


What do you guys want from a hunting agent?

What bad experiences did you ever have with a hunting agent?

What perceptible difference did you experience between booking through an agent and directly with the Outfitter (good and bad)?

Do you think it's better to book directly with an outfitter and cut the agent notion out?

Do you have any free advice that may help me?


I am young (27), new to business in general, and have a lot to learn.


Thank you


Enjoy the hunt!