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What do Long Island Deer eat?

As it gets colder and the rut ends I know that food sources are the place to be but besides acorns what do the deer in Long Island eat.  I know of a few fields but they look like they are just dried up grass??  I always see deer on TV feeding in fields but those are always lush green food plots.  Do deer feed on that dry hay looking grass in the fileds here?

So what should I be looking for as a food source for the late season her in long Island?

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For the most part deer cannot digest dried "hay" and eating it can and has resulted in dead dear (starved) with full undigested bellies. Seed pods found on some dried grasses can be a good food source. They love live, green grasses though, of course as you mentioned. They will continue to search for and eat acorns, perhaps their absolute favorite meal (white oak ones). The will then turn to "browse" as other sources dry up. A deers multi-chambered stomach can digest twigs and buds and other browse which they will also re-chew as cud (like a cow). Not sure if it's legal there, but perhaps the best food to feed wintering deer is cracked corn, bought in 50lb bags. Deer love corn and it seems to be a pretty efficient food source for them.

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I recall watching Tred Barta

I recall watching Tred Barta hunt geese on long island a few years back, and if I am not mistaken, he was in a corn field.  So, assuming there are a few of those out on the eastern end of the island, that could provide some nutrition to them.

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