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What about ????

Being from Michigan, I'm in no way qualified to determine what a western elk "trophy" looks like. However, from most of my reading on the various boards, anything over 300 points (B&C) would be something most hunters would be happy with. The problem becomes, what does a "300 point" bull look like in the field? I know that mass, spread, # of points all contribute. I keep looking at pictures and asking myself, "would I shoot that one"?

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What about ????

I think that just about any branch bull you get is really a "trophy". If you've put in the time and effort to scout and bag any bull then that's a "trophy".

With that said "swollen tounge" asked "what, in your opinion, is actually a "TROPHY" bull". Well here is my take on it.

The area and habitat in witch you hunt plays the biggest role in how big your "trophy" bull can get. It's not going to be the same in OR as it is in MT,ID,WY, NM or any state. Each state has it's own regulations on the area's that you can hunt. So for most of the time your in a hunter saturated area that doesn't produce(on average)as big of bulls as those hunt's that require 6-8 points to get drawn in. Meaning the bulls are harvested before they are 5-8 years old. When you do get drawn in (In my opinion) you should try and go for that one "trophy 300+" bull that you can have taxidermied and put on your brag wall in your den or family room.

As for "bowhunter1", you'll know when you see it!

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What about ????

I agree with PS350XLT, there is an absolute trophy judgement of a bull which one only needs to pull up the B&C or P&Y site to find how big a world record bull is.

However depending on which state you hunt in and what unit you hunt in within that state, a 280 class bull may be bigger than 99.5% of the other bulls in the unit. In this case bringing a 260 bull home may be as much effort as bring a 350 bull in a "quality managed unit".

Good luck on your hunt, Bowhunter1. I don't think you'll have a problem identifying a bull around 300 in the field. After you have seen a lot of rag horns, the big bulls will stand out, just don't drop the gun/bow when you see him. Wink

What about ????

Bareback-Jack, for years I was a meat hunter you might say.....filling the freezer was the main item on the list bare none!
Over the years I must admit I have been wanting a real wall hanger for personal reasons and the biological clock is getting my attention these days, get my drift.

Season before last, I passed on 4 nice looking 4x5 and 5x5 bulls. I was looking for that 360 or better on Gov't ground....Yeah I know, but miracles do happen and I am a big believer in such things. I have a couple of smaller racks on the barn, this ones for my retirement you might say.

The last two days of the hunt last season, I got my wish and there across a wide open canyon stood a 6 x 7 with his heirum. It was a magnificint bull, his color and rack was grand to view. Indeed an outstanding speciman to say the least.

We glassed him for over an hour. However he was just to far for a shot with my rifle (657 yards) and no way of getting closer. A 5 hour ride through the snow by horseback, to get to the other side and the sun was already losing it's shine. I am going to be heading out this season in search of my wall hanger just the same, but won't pass up any smaller bulls on the last day again.

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