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I am looking to find a hunting partner for the Wet side of the Cascades. I am a bowhunter and have a bit of flexability in my schedual and style, I have not killed a deer yet in my life but have been in the field many many years.......I am looking to try to find a partner to make my life easier if I happen to "get one". I usually hunt public land because there is soooooo much of it, but would love to meet someone who also needs some help or just company to hunt wiht. I am older (48) and very respectful and have good woods skills, I just would like to have someone to for safety and ease of a potential kill.............

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Westside archer

Studioandolina, Greeting and welcome to BGH!

What State and unit do you normally hunt?

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Welcome to BGH!  Hope you

Welcome to BGH!  Hope you find a hookup!

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Welcome, what state, if its

Welcome, what state, if its oregon, i might be looking for a late season partner in nov.

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