West Virginia Hunters Harvest 178,951 Deer

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West Virginia Hunters Harvest 178,951 Deer

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WV deer harvest/point restriction/coyotes

I wish that WV would go to a point restiction for the antlered buck season. I know the state is trying to contol the deer herd population, but you still have the same amount of bucks per does as you did in the early 90's. The only difference is; there just is not as many deer as there was in the 90's. The only way the state is going to competive with other states on the size and maturity of bucks, such as OH and PA, is a point restriction. I know the counties where I hunt, there was very few deer and I'm not blaming it on the weather. I think the past few winters have been rough along with the implanted coyotes from insurance companies. I have a friend who shot a coyote and it had a tag in its ear with a 1-800 number. When he called the number the coyote had been brought here from a mid-western state by an insurance company.

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