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Were to Hunt Big Cats.

Been looking all around to find a place to hunt Mountain Lions. Has anyone ever went and was successful. It's been a dream of mine for years to hunt one but never really found anyone for a good reference.

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You could always come to

You could always come to oregon to hunt cats. we have plenty of them. Its an over the counter tag, non-res lic $140 and tag is about the same. northeast oregon has tons of cats and great access. the only down side is there is no bait or hounds allowed. my buddy has video of a pack of cats attacking a herd of elk from the wallawalla unit in oregon. the odfw biologist said they dont do that, my buddy showed him the video and it blew the bio's mind. I've only seen a couple in the wild but had no shot. someone else i know that hunts the same area as me was attacked a couple years ago by one and shot it with his side arm. Oe way people here hunt them is spot and stalk wich can be hard, the other is to find a deer or elk kill and sit on it till the cat returns.

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We have some decent mountain

We have some decent mountain lion hunting down here in Colorado. Our western slope is pretty good. If you could get access into the area around Boulder you could really slay some cats but that is not very likely with the high number of anti hunters in that little mess of a town. If you go with an outfitter here, you have a pretty good chance at getting a cat. I believe Utah and Wyoming also take some good cats. The Book Cliffs are supposed to be pretty good I think.

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I leave in rural Boulder on 10 acres and hawkeye is right about the cats up here. I have bobcats all the time here trying to kill livestock and the occasional lion, but the DOW does call this area a lion human conflict area. As for hunting there is plenty of public land/national forest around here.

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Are you looking to do it

Are you looking to do it yourself or go with an outfitter?  I am always impressed with the nose of the dogs used to track cats.  I've seen them on the hood of the truck sniffing as they go along the road and are still able to get the scent.

I imagine unless you have your own dogs doing it yourself is tough.

Good luck

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try jim at mustang outfiters

try jim at mustang outfiters in nevada

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Mountain lion hunting season

We have had a mountain lion hunting season here in South Dakota tha past few years.  This year a 177lb male was taken along with 5 that weighed 55 pounds or less.  The season starts January 1st and ends March 31st unless the quota is filled.  One of the 49 cats taken this year was taken by a teenager, and one was taken with a bow(1st bow kill here).

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Washington has a huge population of lions right now. Thanks to people who live in downtown Seattle voting to ban hound hunting back in '99 because evidentially they were "becoming endangered". Since then the cat population has boomed. The north-centeral and north-east part of the state has the most cats. As of a couple years ago there has been so many cougar problems the department of fish and wildlife has opened up hound hunting again on a special permit draw system and a quota. Non-resident tags aren't too expensive and there's a ton of old hound hunters with packs that are itching to run their dogs.

Or try Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah or Nevada all of which have hound seasons (I think)


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This is a pretty old post.

This is a pretty old post. That said anyone looking to come and hunt cats from another state is best served by hiring the use of a guide as the chances of randomly finding one in a good a rea or being able to call one in are pretty slim. I have seen one in all the years I have been hunting in western Colorado without the use of dogs. There are lots of them here and a good houndsman can find them pretty quickly if the conditions are right.