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Well...Bought a new gun today!!!!

Yep..It wasnt what I'd planned but I ended up taking home 7MM Weatherby Magnum Euromark. It is an extraordinarily beuatiful specimen. It is satin finished with an absolutely gorgeous dark walnut stock with alot of grain.
The color and finish of the new kimber M8400 with much prettier wood.
All I can say is: I was looking for a one gun fits all for deer & elk in the lower 48 and I think I done good. Picked it up for 795.00 with bases and rings. Mounted my Leupold VX-1 on it and it looks just fine. Next year I will step up for a VXIII.
But, the wife told me I'm done for this year. The gun appears to almost never been fired...Nary a mark on the stock and the bore looks brand new. I know it isnt any of the guns I had previously asked about on this site...but, I saw it and shouldered it and it was love at first sight. I will try and get some picture of her up on the site before I scratch her all up (and I will) cuz this is now my all-around blaster.

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Well...Bought a new gun today!!!!

It sounds nice! Yep, that calibre would be good for all the lower 48 and the rest of North America too! Don't tell the ol' lady how much brass will be costing...